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Selasa, 09 Maret 2010

How To Make Barcode With Generator

Barcode is a symbol-shaped lines that express a code or string of characters. This symbol usually only be read by a barcode scanner machine. One example is the bar code symbol on the product in stores or supermarkets that often we see. When described by type, actually a lot of this type of bar code according to functionality. because I am not a barcoder, so I just explain how to make it instant.

The easiest way to generate barcode images directly using a barcode generator service via morovia.com in this example I use "code 128" as barkode format. if you do not want a barcode read by humans, we can remove them by not check the "Show Human Readable Text". If still not satisfied, we can find some more "barcode generator" in other search engines.

How to Decode Barcode Image
As I said above, to be reread in the barcode code we should at least uses a special scanner. just to be able to do that it's a waste of time. If you want instant way just try to go directly to this online service

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