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Senin, 08 Maret 2010

Adriano Back approached drinking Alcohol

Rio De Janeiro: Brazilian striker Adiano behavior off the field is not fully normal. Vice President of Flamengo, Marcos Braz admitted his players had problems with alcohol.»To say that Adraiano have drug problems is absurd. Alcohol is illegal drugs. But in this case is different. When he started drinking again he would not stop. And he has learned to stop drinking, "said Braz, Monday (8 / 3).

Recognition Braz out two days after Adriano reportedly feuding with his fiancee Joana Machado. The incident occurred in front of the Flamengo team mate in a dance. Machado destroy her fiance's car with stones Adriano returned by pushing him down.

Flamengo gave permission for Adriano to have completed his personal problems. He was absent when his team won 4-0 last Saturday of Resende and will not appear against the club in Venezuela Caracas Libertadores Cup action on March 10 next.

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